Liquidity Summit 2018 Agenda
(2019 Agenda yet to be announced)

Bermuda - SUNDAY, 14 October 2018

5:30 PM: Welcome Cocktails and Opening Discussion

  • Kahina Van Dyke, SVP, Business & Corporate Development - Ripple (USA)
  • Julien Auchecorne, Chief Operating Officer, XBTO

Bermuda - MONDAY, 15 October 2018

8:00 AM: Arrivals and Networking Breakfast

9:00 AM: Opening Remarks

  • Stan Stalnaker, Founding Director, Hub Culture, Ultra and Ven

9:10 AM Key Note And Freeside Chat : “Bermuda – Setting the Standard for Fintech Businesses”

  • Lydia Dickens, Advisor, Government of Bermuda

9:30 AM: State Of Blockchain

Originally developed to power cryptocurrencies, blockchain is becoming more widely used across a whole range of industries. It is also starting to attract attention from regulators and lawmakers. We’ll take a look at the current state of the blockchain, major developments, disruptions and blockchain trends in 2019, and take a look ahead into 2020 and beyond.

Moderator : Constance Choi, Co-founder & Director, Coala Foundation and Researcher, CNRS

Speakers :

  • Michael Dersham, CEO - Mapay (USA)
  • Julien Auchecorne, Chief Operating Officer - XBTO International (Bermuda)
  • Hunter Prendergast, CTO - Mimir Blockchain Solutions (USA) (invited)
  • Julien Bouteloup, Founder & CEO - FlyingCarpet, Lead AI & Blockchain Advisor - British Blockchain Association (UK) (invited)

10:00 AM: Blockchain Identity And Governance

Things are changing rapidly in the blockchain space. As blockchain technology evolves, are existing legal frameworks sufficient to protect your data and interests? In this panel we will explore the issues of identity, privacy, security, and governance with industry experts.

Moderator : Constance Choi, Co-founder & Director, Coala Foundation and Researcher, CNRS

Speakers :

  • David Shrier, CEO - Distilled Analytics, Associate Fellow - Oxford, and Lecturer - MIT Media Lab (USA)
  • Suzanne Ennis, SVP, Global Partnerships, Shyft (Barbados)
  • Karamoko Dickens, CTO, Perseid Network (Bermuda)
  • Jason Dekker, CEO, GoChain (USA) (invited)

10:40 AM: Coffee / Networking Break

11:00 AM: The Token Academy

On this panel, we discuss the emergence of a token-based economy and speak to leaders behind companies which have raised via token sales. From the USD-backed Carbon stablecoin to Dropp.TV’s disruptive shoppable media platform… what can we learn from their business models and best practices?

Speakers :

  • Lawrence C. Newhook, CEO, Laureate Digital Securities (Bermuda)
  • Miles Albert, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer - Carbon (USA)
  • Carolyn Driscoll, Head of Business Development - Dropp.TV (USA)

11:30 AM: Keynote And Freeside Chat

  • Premier the Hon. David Burt, Government of Bermuda

11:50 AM: Institutional Trading And Capital Flows

The global stock market sees hundreds of billions of dollars traded daily, and in global forex markets it’s trillions. Crypto has emerged as an emerging asset class with high growth potential, yet current daily volumes in the crypto markets sit at just over 10 billion. What are the roadblocks to facilitating a genuine influx of institutional capital? What developments are underway to overcome them? How are new developments changing the way financial institutions view digital currency and accelerating the adoption of digital investments amongst institutional investors?

Moderator : Fennie Wang, COO and Chief of Regulatory, OpenWater Capital, and Co-founder, IXO

Speakers :

  • Greg Wojciechowski, President & CEO, Bermuda Stock Exchange
  • Ted Pendleton, SVP, Business Development - Alphapoint (USA)
  • Stephen Lange Ranzini, President & CEO, University Bank and CEO of University Bancorp, Inc. (USA)
  • Mike Belshe, Co-founder & CEO, Bitgo (invited)

12:30 PM: Freeside Chat

  • Daniel Polotsky, Co-founder & CEO of Coinflip with Stan Stalnaker

12:40 PM: Lunch Break

2:00 PM: Keynote & Freeside Chat

  • Sir John Swan, CEO, Challenger Banks and former Premier of Bermuda

2:20 PM: Innovation Sprint – Moonshot Bermoda

  • Workshop sessions on Innovation to 2030

2:40 PM: Bernuda Innovation – Startup Snapshots

3:10 PM: Crypto Venture Funds

As money continues to pour into cryptocurrency markets, the entrance of venture capital funding and expertise into the sector will make tremendous waves. Why are VCs late to the party? How are they looking to enter the space, and what can they bring to the table?

Moderator : Fennie Wang, COO and Chief of Regulatory, OpenWater Capital, and Co-founder, IXO

Speakers :

  • Chance Barnett, General Partner, Decentra Capital (USA)
  • Patrick Martin, Managing Partner - European Media Finance (UK)
  • Jason Ben Yair, CEO, Carbyne Capital (USA)

3:40 PM: Coffee Break

4:00 PM: Insurance-Linked Digital Assets

An overview of the Bermuda reinsurance industry followed by a discussion on innovation in the space. Our speakers will also look at whether cryptocurrency ever be seen as a major asset class for insurers, and how the insurance industry will be impacted by crypto assets.

Moderator : Stan Stalnaker

Speakers :

  • William McDonough, Founder & CEO, iCash (Canada)
  • Nick Cardinez, Chief Financial Officer, Hannover Re (Bermuda) Ltd
  • Ari Chatterjee, Founder, Envelop Risk (Bermuda)

4:30 PM: Digital Assets Securities

The SEC’s recent clarification of the security status of digital assets was greeted with cheers by the crypto community. Reflecting the SEC’s willingness to work with the blockchain ecosystem, the statement removed major uncertainties surrounding many market participants, while laying the groundwork for future, positive regulatory guidelines. We dive into the intersection between regulated securities and the booming cryptocurrency space and look at the future of digital asset securities.

Moderator : Fennie Wang, COO and Chief of Regulatory, OpenWater Capital, and Co-founder, IXO

Speakers :

  • Nick Thomson, Founder & CEO, Viva Network (Bermuda)
  • Eric Gravengaard, Founder & CEO Athena Bitcoin (USA)

5:00 PM: Closing Remarks