Bermuda Business Development Agency

Bermuda fosters a collaborative business culture that sees government, industry and regulators working together for the jurisdiction’s commercial success. With over 100 tax-treaty partners worldwide, Bermuda is rated a first-class domicile by the OECD.

Ven - Global digital currency

It is managed by the Hub Culture network. Ven is convenient to use and can be sent to anyone, anywhere with instant clearance. It is also great for the environment, featuring carbon as an underlying component.

Alpha Point

AlphaPoint is comprised of experienced FinTech innovators who are driven by some of the greatest technology challenges in the capital markets. This team of seasoned financial services leaders and technologists have pioneered the development and implementation of new technologies for wide-spread adoption across institutions.


It is a global blockchain technology company working to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to benefit from their cryptocurrency holdings and the blockchain economy at large.

Dropp TV

Dropp provides a platform that re-connects brands directly and instantly with their consumers. Moreover, its ease of use increases retailer and brand traffic driving direct-to consumer engagement and consumption.