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Miami, United States

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September 24-25, 2021

Liquidity is the Driving Force in Finance.
Join the conversation this year in Miami, Florida,
hosted by Hub Culture and our Fintech partners.

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Liquidity - the Summit on New Finance taking place in September 2021 provides informal discussion on how blockchains are impacting future-oriented tech, against the emerging world of the digital states with a range of speakers from the blockchain and Fintech space.

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Join the conversation in September 2021 hosted by Hub Culture and a host of Fintech partners. The Summit brings together the most interesting minds we know to discuss new financial realities in digital payments.

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September 24-25, 2021

United States


About Liquidity

Liquidity is a financial technology (fintech) event series convened by Hub Culture and the Ven digital currency, focused on leading and emerging trends across the world of finance. The series presents an annual one day conference and a rolling series of Salon dinners, events, and workshops devoted to the emerging people, trends and companies in this rapidly evolving space.

Check the Liquidity Hub on hubculture to connect and collaborate with the community. To watch sessions online visit HubLive.TV


The Liquidity Series has convened meaningful conversations on fintech and blockchains since 2014. The 2014 event was hosted at Hub Westminster in London. The 2015 event was hosted at Bloomberg, Finsbury Square, London.

In 2016, the Liquidity Summit took the form of a Hackathon at Rise, the Barclay’s accelerator in New York City. Over 30 innovators worked for 72 hours on new technologies deployed with Ven APIs, blockchain and core fintech services.

In 2017, Liquidity Salons in Bermuda, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Miami, and London explored the rise of blockchain tech with over 200 guests working in the sector.

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What is Hub Culture?

Hub Culture operates around three functions - Pavilions (places to collaborate), Knowledge Brokerage (consulting and deal services) and Ven, a global digital currency. Ven was the first private currency to move into the financial markets and is priced from a mix of commodities and currencies. Ven delivers singular global pricing, a great currency FX hedge and green DNA to help support more sustainable economies. Over time, the network has evolved into a powerful ecosystem of technologies, including:


A market driven decentralised exchange system for tokenised digital assets.

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This self-sovereign digital identity system enables members to build value.


The world's first digital currency is the stable, asset-backed and helps value nature.


An emergent intelligence serving the community.

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